Are you ready to reinvent your organization? Do you believe it’s time to eradicate bureaucracy and make room for a more adaptive and human way of working? Then you belong at the Brave New Workshop. And here's the best part: what normally costs thousands is yours for the price of a book.


The Brave New Workshop is a two-hour deep dive into the future of work. Anyone who leads a team of people—from founders to first-time managers—will find something special to bring back to their culture.


  1. How modern work has become indistinguishable from sabotage

  2. How confusion between the complicated and the complex drives us crazy

  3. How evolutionary organizations think and work differently

  4. How to diagnose your own organization’s tensions and opportunities

  1. How to safely experiment with new ways of working, including better ways to approach structure, decisions, budgeting, meetings, and much more

  2. How to turn change management on its head

  3. How to create a culture of continuous participatory change 


THE Brave New Workshop

“discover better ways of working, and the tools to reinvent your organization.”



Wednesday, 11th of SeptembeR 17:45-21:30

Rabobank, Croeselaan 18, Utrecht

The Netherlands

Space is Limited, register now

We have a fixed number of seats that we cannot expand if we sell out. In order to secure your seat at the Brave New Workshop, register now. Access is free when you bring a copy of the book. (Pre-)order the Dutch or English version today.